Askari Sovereign Cash Fund
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Investment Objective :
The objective of the Fund is to provide investors a money market instrument with high level of liquidity, stability in earning and very high level of credit. The Fund will target to deliver rolling returns closer to a mix of Treasury Bills (70%) + Bank Deposits (30%) - fund expenses on short term basis.

Strategy :
The Fund would AIM to achieve top quartile performance in its category by active fund management. i.e. shifting between T-Bills / Rev-Repo / Bank deposits, actively managing the duration and capitalizing on any market inefficiencies with the help of interest rate view based investment.

Why Invest in this Fund :
  • ACF can be used as an instrument of choice for higher net of tax earnings.
  • ACF is ideal for investors looking for stability of principal, high level of liquidity and a very low level of interest/credit risk.
  • ACF offers periodic income plans (monthly, quarterly and annually) with redemption options available on every business day.



Investment Committee Members:

Head of Research

Minimum Investment   5,000.00
Sales Load   Nil
Management Fee   0.75%
Fund Stability Rating   AA+ by JCR-VIS
Management Co,Rating   AM3+ (Stable Outlook) by JCR-VIS 
Pricing Mechanism   Backward
Bench Mark   70% T-Bills + 30% Average 3-month deposit rate of at least 3 banks (AA rated and above)
Dealing day and cutoff times   Monday-Friday 9:00am to 10:00am

Fund type   Open-End
Category   Money Market Fund
Fund Launch Date   September 18th, 2009
Risk   Low
Trustee   Central Depository Company of Pakistan Ltd.(CDC)
Auditors   KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.
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